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Ok.  So it’s Tuesday.  Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US and an banking holiday in the UK.  So technically, I am still on track – and starting to have real fun with #blogmonday. The whole purpose is sharing linkey love with some of the “hidden gems” of the blogosphere. Yeah, you gotta write a blog post, but you were going to anyway. But contribute to #blogmonday by blogging about who you like – and why.

Last week, my votes were for:

Here are this week’s contributions:

Blogs That Need to Make it Onto Your Blogroll

  • Doug Haslam’s blog While this is not part of his official blog, his fundraising effort for the Pan-Mass Challenge to raise money for a cure for childhood cancer leave him in sole first place in this category

Blogs You Might Not Read – But Should

  • Mike Rupert’s “This Should be Illegal Blog.”  Disclosure: former Georgetown student.  But hell, any blog with this title is worth taking a look at, right?  And this is a good example of using social media for local grassroots efforts.
  • Elspeth Murray’s Blog/Web site.  Elspeth came to my attention through her chronicles of a trip back to childhood places in Scotland.  I enjoyed reading it and I think you will too.
  • Warren Sukernek’s “Twittermaven“.  Warren is just plain smart, but makes you think even more about Twitter — if that’s possible.  Give it a read.

So spread the linkey love. Even it it is Tuesday.

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